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He wears woe like others wear velvet...

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"He looked like a human lost among them, his face softened with color and feeling; his body curiously defenseless, his eyes wondering and sad."

Name: Louis De Pointe Du Lac
Age: Appears to be 25, in fact is 239 years old.
Born: October the 4th, 1766. 'Died' in the year 1791 - His tombstone location: In St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans. Right next to Paul. The dates read 1766 - 1794

Gender: Male


Eyesight: 20/20
Hearing: Supernatural hearing, although Louis will ignore this, and try to act like a human.
Left/Right/Ambi: Right handed
Disabilities/Handicaps: None
Physical Health: A pale, gaunt face, gaunter than his fellow vampires, because he lives from the "little drink".


IQ: Highly intelligent.
Extrovert/Introvert: Introvert. Lestat is the flamboyant one.
Phobias/Fears: To be trapped in this existence forever, to see Claudia once more ... Probably had claustrophobia at a certain point, due to his imprisonment in a coffin in Le Theatre des vampires. He's a man of many fears.
Mental Health: Louis has a troubled mind : he ponders about his existence. He has a ickle mental state of mind.

Louis has since long learned to take care of his own, so he will never voluntarily accept help. He is the kind of vampire that doesn't quite care about his appearance, but wishes to look like a human. His clothes are often torn, worn and dusty; the clothes Lestat gives him end up in the far end of his closet. Maybe it is because he is too wrapped up in reading his numerous books and posing himself the always recurring questions.

He will stroll the streets in a slow, human pace, will whistle when following a victim, will put his hands in his pockets ... Everything from looking and appearing to be a vampire. His skin is far too pale to pass for human, but the darkness of the night envelops that fact quite well.

He has a strong fascination for everything that is beautiful, like all vampires. He can stare at the paintings of the flat he and Lestat share in Rue Royale for hours, obsessed by the color schemes.

Appearantly, his flat would be be filled to every nook and cranny with books. Louis doesn't live with electricity; he prefers candle light.

He was the first son to be born. Quickly enough, he became in charge of the plantation "Du Lac". His brother, Paul, suffered from "visions" from St. Dominci and the Virgin Mary. Louis kept him clear from his mother and sister, whose hearts were set on bringing him to every single party in New Orleans. Paul began an agurment to sell the plantation and give the proceedings to the church, which Louis refused to do. What happened next, no one knows for sure, but one things was : Paul was dead.

After this, Louis seemed to break down in every single possible way. He went down to New Orleans every night, spent loads of money on drink and women. He became a mere shadow of who he used to be: now he was a cynical and pondering man, who forgot to tend his plantation and slaves. It was on such a drinking night that Lestat noticed him; as Louis went out with the hooker on his arm, and the pimp following them to kill him.

Lestat might have saved his life that night, but took a great deal of blood from him. Perhaps Louis was still too weak to realise the full consequences of the choice he made back then : to become a vampire. But he did make the choice. His vampiric senses seemed to enhance the eternal sadness in Louis : something that Lestat did not like very much. Lestat was from far a good teacher: Louis ended up feeding from rats, dogs, whatever that wasn't human, too griefstricken to drink from humans.

To ensure that Louis would not leave him, Lestat brought Claudia into the family. Perhaps it was love at first sight. It is a fact that Louis did not try anymore to run away from Lestat, until Claudia conspired Lestat's murder. Off they fled to Europe, seeking traces of vampiric existence, but found only mindless, rotting creatures that did not resemble themselves in any way.

Paris, the mother of New Orleans. There they met up with their fates. Louis never got over Claudia's death, nor Lestat's betrayal. He left New Orleans with Armand, travelling all over the world, fleeing when imortals came near. After all, they had participated in killing a coven, breaking one of the laws of their vampiric existence.

He wandered around the world, before returning to New Orleans once more, with Armand. Since he believed Lestat to be dead, it was quite a shock to discover he was indeed very much alive. The grudge Louis held made place for sympathy: this was his master, too weak to feed himself.

He didn't keep close to Lestat, only returning to him when something important happened, such as the concert and the meeting with Memnoch, always comforting him in his own softspoken ways.

Louis has had few fledglings, and none of them lived for far too long : Madeleine, who died with Claudia, died by the force of the sun and Merrick, who died in the flames not long after she was transformed. In fact, he feels as if he partly made Claudia to what she was.

Louis is a softspoken, gentle being. And nothing could ever change that, not even Lestat's blood that was given to him after his suicide attempt - it made him feel more part of the "family", but Louis remained the gentle creature he always had been.
"broad shoulders..." - Daniel pg. 67, IWTV
"... long legs..."
- Daniel pg. 126, IWTV
""... long, slender build...""
- Louis on his own reflection pg. 194, IWTV
"... tall, slender figure."
- Lestat pg. 523, TVL
"Fingers so long and delicate, yet hands so strong."
- Lestat pg. 525, TVL
"Tall, pale, starved a bit."
- Lestat pg. 423, MtD
"... his slim, delicate figure... so lean, so finely sculpted, so sensitive in all his lineaments, was the alluring embodiment of the misery I felt."
Eyes: A piercing green, with far more emotions in them than one could ever see in another vampire's eyes.
Hair: "His hair had a reasonable and fashionable look to it - that is, it was clipped and combed and not full of dust."

"In sooth, I know not why I am so sad, it wearies me, you say it wearies you, but how I caught it,found it, or came by it, what stuff 'tis made of, whereof it is born, I am to learn." Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice